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  • Monmouth County Educational Article of the Month - What to I do if I find a nest of Monmouth County mice in my attic?

What to I do if I find a nest of Monmouth County mice in my attic?

When you start hearing some scratching sound in your attic in the night, discovering grease mask or sighting New Jersey mice droppings then you have mouse infestation. Mice are nocturnal animals and mostly active during the night. They are always active chewing food packaging, and jumping and playing around with their friends. If these are your discoveries making you to think of what to do to get the problem solved, you are not to bother more. The solution you need is what this post is made to offer.

Find out the entrance, where mice get into your attic
What you should know is that the Monmouth County mouse irrespective of their smartness do not fly. They are only good jumpers and small body size usually makes it easy for them to gain access into attic. Therefore, when you have mice in your attic, you should first of all look for the holes through which they get in there. Being able to find all their entry points will help you get lasting solution to your mouse infestation.

Cover up a New Jersey mouse entry point to the attic using pestplug
After finding the possible means through, which mouse get into your attic, you should get a pestplug. Use the plug to close up all the openings and entry points of mice into your attic. This is to make sure another mouse does not join them while you deal with the ones in there already.

Kill or trap the mouse in your attic
After closing down their entry points, you can now decide either to trap the New Jersey mice or to kill them through another method. There are different mice traps available in the market ranging from live trap to the inhumane snap trap. You can even go for mouse glue trap to ensure anyone that gets into it does come survive.

Hire mouse exterminator to solve the problem
When you find out that you have a Monmouth County mouse in your attic, one of the options is to call a professional and licensed mouse exterminator. The company will know the best and safest way to solve your problem without delay. But, this may cause you extra bulk.

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